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Why “The Open Way”?

The author, Gerald May, who passed away in 2005, practiced medicine and psychiatry for twenty-five years before becoming a senior fellow in contemplative theology and psychology at the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation in Bethesda, Maryland. He was the author of many books and articles blending spirituality and psychology, including Addiction and GraceCare of Mind/Care of SpiritWill and Spirit, and The Dark Night of the Soul.  

Addiction and Grace and The Awakened Heart are particular favorites of mine.  I discovered his writings while attending the Episcopal School for Deacons in Berkeley, CA.

It is in the pages of The Awakened Heart that the following quote is found: “When we are really given to the why of life, the hows begin to flow.” 

He also wrote a little book called, “The Open Way – A Meditation Handbook,” as a resource to those wishing to explore contemplation and meditation. This and any of the books mentioned, may  be helpful for strengthening the life of the body, mind and spirit of the individual.  

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