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Archive for October, 2017

Finding Wisdom after Tragedy

Wanting to share with you some very good words from Cindi Rivera, MFT, another blogger and therapist here in Northern California. Words do often fail when we find ourselves in states of emotional and physical overwhelm. Part of the challenge is to resist isolating ourselves from one another no matter how much the pain and confusion cause us to want to withdraw inside of ourselves. Yet, in the allowing of difficult experiences to inform and adjust our expectations, perhaps it is possible that in doing so we may allow our overriding expression to that of love and compassion rather than hatred and and fear of the other.

Cindi writes:

“What do you have to say about what just happened?” My client asked me at the end of our session. She paused as I considered the question. Then she said “I’ll wait for your blog. I always look forward to your blog because you always say something really wise. Your words are so helpful.“

The truth of the matter is I had no especially wise words then, just after the tragedy – or series of tragedies – that had recently occurred.

And I still have no truly profound wise words. Just some simple ones.

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